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Graphic, Colorful Work by Leonie Bos

FOOD TRENDS THAT DIED > Illustration I made for The Wall Street Journal about the life span of food trends, like chocolate lava cake, baby spinach and fondue.

Romain Trystram on Behance

CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, by Romain Trystram.

no pool on Behance

Leonie Bos on Behance

banlieue Nanterre- leonie blogs

banlieue Nanterre- leonie blogs


Leonie Bos’ Ideal Abode

ASK A LOCAL > Series of drawings for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant illustrating interviews with local celebrities about their city.

Vanitas - Leonie Bos

VANITAS > Illustration I made for a story about a widower who lost his wife to cancer. The article also explained the surviving relative's pension.

this isn't happiness.

Madrid: great illustration from Amsterdam-based artist Leonie Bos

Leonie Bos- Mirrors

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digital accountancy - Leonie Bos

digital accountancy commissioned by Accent, BDO magazine Two illustrations on accountancy; first about computerization of the audit.

divorce - Leonie Bos

the fragile marriage =