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THIS IS JIHAD: Muslim countries do not want the Muslim migrants because this has nothing to do with "repressed people" fleeing any country for their own safety. This is about a hostile Muslim takeover of non-Muslim lands in an effort to use biological jihad to colonize them for Allah. The proof of this is the fact that none of the Muslims are attempting to enter Muslim-run countries, only non-Muslim run countries. This is jihad, and nothing less. #Jihad #MuslimMigrants…

Israel's 'FBI' Links 'Islamic Relief USA' Charity to Hamas... [The charity is sponsored by major US corporations including Microsoft and GE.]

Syrian Nun, Relief Leader: 'Whoever Says ISIS Has No Connection to Islam ... Is a Liar -- ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS'

from Creeping Sharia

Obama ignores ban on Palestinian aid – again, sends $148M (to Hamas)

OBAMA IGNORES BAN ON PALESTINIAN AID – AGAIN, SENDS $148 MILLION (TO HAMAS) -- ...Think of that $148 Million as Obama’s personal Ramadan gift to the Palestinian Authority. Obama has been handing out Ramadan gifts aplenty this week including the release of 5 Taliban & 2 Algerians from Gitmo. Oh don’t forget Obama is Funding $1 Billion in Infrastructure Projects…in Hamas-run Gaza. With your tax dollars. [...] 08/01/13

UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) found 20 rockets in a Gaza school they operated like this one. They handed the rockets over to Hamas so it appears the UN is actively helping the islamic terrorist gang to attack Israeli civilians.

Muslim Brotherhood Political Party formed in US to Establish Sharia What will it take for America to notice...?

from Reuters

Iraqi Christians fear extinction, see no relief from Islamic State

Iraqi Christians fear extinction, see no relief from Islamic State 03.27.16 Iraqi Christians gathered in Baghdad this weekend to mark Easter but celebrations were tempered by fears Islamic State would eradicate their shrinking community, even as the army launched a U.S.-backed offensive to retake Mosul, their ancestral homeland.

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