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My beautiful Sadie!

My beautiful Sadie!

Golden Pals

Golden Pals

“How to make sure no one steals your ball while you nap!”

How to make sure no one steals your ball while you nap. - my golden does this with all her toys!

(via The Most Adorable Puppies You’ll Ever See / Cute little dachshund <3)

I think that this is the color of the doxie that my friend Ro used to see when see took her dogs for walks ~ English Cream long haired dachshund puppy. I have yet to see one this color ~ I would melt!


couple of doggies taking a nap together.sweet dreams my little angels.I am sure they r dreaming about all doggies living in a loving home in peace.maybe we should all take a nap and dream that dream

A pretty face -- golden retriever. If I didn't have so many Yorkies I would get Golden Retriever. I love them.

A pretty face -- golden retriever Looks like my baby Callie girl!