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Creepy, realstic pokemon

Pokemon alternate art By: NathanGreen

fusión wailord y rayquaza - Buscar con Google

Based on Gore Magala: [link] Slightly brightened the color palette/lighting.E Corp Special: Yvel Dreigira

My Most Favorite Pokemon

My Most Favorite Pokemon

If Pokemon were more realistic.

If Pokemon were more realistic.my ass, more like if pokemon were from a horror show, geeeez

“Pokemon can be classified by following criteria: A low reproduction rate (with the offspring being in most cases of its mother’s species), supernatural abilities like extended longevit...

I had a really hard time figuring out what to do with these guys, probably did the most sketches trying to design geodude but nothing looked realistic. Geodude and Graveler


Pony Kiyo on

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F.U.S.E Corp Special: Mega Metagorus by Dragonith.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Based on Black War Greymon: [link] ---------- Mega Metagorus (M-Metagross*/M-Aggron/Haxorus*) Steel/Dragon/Psychic Classification: Dark Hero FUSEmon Cli.E Corp Special: Mega Metagorus

-Feraligatr- by arvalis

Realistic Pokemon by RJ Palmer (part 1)

Artist RJ Palmer specializes in taking Nintendo's adorable Pokémon creatures, and making them into terrifying monstrosities that seem like they could exist in our own, real world. His latest piece is Feraligatr.



Hello all This is my first entry of the year for The Poke-fanclub Pokemon of the week. This week's Pokemon is Sunflora. Let the sun shine in Sunflora

Realistic Pokemon by arvalis on deviantART

-Typhlosion- by `arvalis Realistic Pokemon: design based on sun bears