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nanfe: bleach 624: release the blue beast can you hear that?that’s the sounds of million fangirls screams (including me, and I’m not even Grimmjow’s fan) after Bleach 624, I mean, goddamn look at that smexy beast, hí hí hí hí, welcome back sexay Espada!!!since it’s been ages I havent done any Bleach fanarts, here is a gift for you guys.linesketch and fullsize of this painting (2000x2500 pixels) available through my patreon (oh man, I know this will ruin the mood, but from now on, you will…

Grimmjow is back! Oh shit and dear god! My the most beloved husband is finally back, i can't wait next chapter. Grimmy 4ever in my heart ❤❤❤