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Sujood; is a love story none will understand except those who pray.

Make Pocket-Size Quran Du`a Cards -- FREE download/printable thanks to sister Zaufishan, jazakallah khair! ....for more goodies check my "islamic links" pin board - Yara x

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Truth is clear, no need to try and convince anyone, they either see it or they don't, and Allah decides.

Islamic Daily: Haram is Haram: even if everyone is doing it. Halal is Halal: even if you're the only one who's doing it. | Hashtag Hijab ©

When God Closes a Door and You've Lost Your Hope...

What often looks like a closed door is simply God’s way of getting us where we need to be to accomplish all He has for our lives. This may be difficult to hear when a closed door comes as a shock or is painful in some way, but trust me when I say that God is always working things together for our good.