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19 Perks Of Having A Sibling  This is true between my sibling AND my mom and I.

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling- Some this i can relate but, for me and my brothers its not a simple brawl we will literally make the other bleed, and we won't even help you hide the body, instead we'll frame each other for the crime lol

Levihan- because they're the only ones who get each other

This is why he likes Hanji the most bff hanji and Levi attack on titan -I connect with Levi on a personal level

The people of tumblr have a lot of time on thier hands.

He is not Jean, he is a horse. <<< Jean is a horse. He is both.

Jean Kirstein... still looks like a horse...

Jean by nisaliet. Where did the horse thing come from? I love it to death but I dont know how it started <<< Pretty sure Eren said Jean had a horse face.

When I Fall Off

When fall off horse. Except my husband is the mom part and my dad is the trainer part.

.....I know where Grisha is..... I'm not gonna give out spoilers, but I'd you read the manga, you'll know..

Literally the cutest thing. Eren and Levi - Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin<<<<< though I kinda ship them together in a different way. >>> I ship Ereri, but father/son relationship is so cute too !

teenager posts in order starting with #1 | teenagers | So Funny!! | Pinterest | My sister, Teaching and I hate school

Yeah it sucks, and goes a little like this (ok cool I got a hundred *checks grades* cool a 90 *next week* fuck it's a grades again* wth a fucking