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An Amish boy on his way home from school..My husband and I had the pleasure of coming upon a large group of sweet Amish children walking home from school near Riceville, Iowa. Lunch buckets in hands, waves and big beautiful SMILES!! Just precious!! DV

On July 19, 1881, Sitting Bull surrendered to the US Army. He had his young son hand his rifle to the commanding officer of Fort Buford in Montana, explaining that in this way he hoped to teach the boy "that he has become a friend of the Americans." Yet at the same time, Sitting Bull said, "I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle."

Sir George CLAUSEN (1852-1944) Another one who largely rejected his principle teachers methods in favour of the "realism" of Bastien-Lepage. Along with Stanhope-Forbes, Clausen became one of the founder members of the Newlyn school of painters - the English version of Bastien-Lepage's Breton School (or the "black school" as it was unkindly referred to in France).

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