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Random food cravings are common amongst the mums-to-be. It has been rightly said that pregnant women are at the mercy of their taste buds and their cravings are million times stronger than the normal ones.

Tanning is a common problem in summers – for both women and men.You yearn for a flawless and glowing skin but pollution, harsh weather and not to forget the blazing sun leaves you with nothing but a tan!

Working full time and also maintaining a family leaves little time to concentrate on your looks. Earlier you had time to deck yourself up for every occasion, but with added responsibilities striking a balance between work and beauty seems to be a challenge.

For optimal health, a varied, balanced diet is the cornerstone.Though foods are cherished by one and all, yet there are certain eatables which if taken on a regular basis can contribute to the better health of a woman – simply because men and women have their own set of dietary requirements.