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from Raising da Vinci - A Homeschool Blog - Sharing Lessons and Activities for Kids

100 Things For Kids To Do Indoors - plus a GIVEAWAY!

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I love where I live. It's a beautiful part of our country and I'm proud to call myself a Yooper! However, the winters here are loooong. Sometimes the kids and I just need to mix it up. So here are 100 things you can do indoors to beat cab...

from Miss Mustard Seed

antique pine hutch

I went out antiquing last week and I wasn’t planning on purchasing any furniture.  But, I just can’t help myself.  Furniture seems to find me the way a lost dog often seems to end up in the path of a dog-lover. I mean, literally…within five minute of shopping, I spotted and purchased this beautiful step-back hutch… …

I hate when this happens. And then I get texts from myself, and I can't complain to anyone about how annoying I can be!!!

This literally just happened with my friend. "Omg you're so sweet I'm going to stab myself in the liver. Now go enjoy your pizza and mac and cheese you slut."

I wouldn't call my self that smart but I just remember the most specific things it's so weird like you could tell me what color your sock are and ten years later I'll still remember what color your socks were that one day...chances are I'll remember the date of it too

I THOUGHT THIS MYSELF. I was like "How did I even know how to play the lava game?" Because LEGIT, Nobody told me about this game and I just kind of made it up but it didn't surprise me that it was what kids do all over the world because I knew that I didn't invent it but nobody told me about this game which confuses me so much



This is soooo true, I loved being my own person and having fun, dated a few and then decided to just have fun with me again, and to my surprise the best thing that ever could have happened to me did~ Now I get to do all this with Josh and its double the fun and double the love

I don't always "avoid" fun stuff. But it takes me longer (and sometime convincing) to want to go than the average person. The Counselor, #INFJ