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What you need to know about Gemini women. For more zodiac fun... (Zodiac City)

I over analyze EVERYTHING! I can't stand being lied to, just own your crap dude, and I will ALWAYS find out the truth. I give people the benefit of the doubt way to much, but I am allergic to bullshit! All that aside, I love with a love that others can't imagine. Once you're in, you're there forever.

“If you get a Gemini mad enough, listen carefully because everything they’re going to say, they’ve been holding it in to spare your feelings. Trust me.”

Free information about learning astrology. Includes topics in Western astrology such as: Houses of the horoscope, Signs of the zodiac, Astrological aspects, Planets, Asteroids, and much more!

Gemini Daily Fun Fact... haha so true. People show them true selves when they think people aren't watching