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Chris Evans on set of Captain America: Civil War


Relationship goals.

There's a look of despair on his face like the world just collapsed on top of him. X) Love this.

from Entertainment Weekly's

Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner apologize for their derogatory Black Widow jokes

Lol Jeremy always got the same expression on <--- it's his "resting face"!! Scarlet talked about it!! XD

I don't wike it! XD << I'm starting to do this now. Thanks Miles for getting your Uncle Chris to say this!

from W Magazine

The 2016 Royals: Priyanka Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Chris Evans, Kanye West and More

Chris Evans - The 2016 Royals: Priyanka Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Kanye West and More Photos | W Magazine

Chris Evans becomes more adorable and my obsession grows. Intervention needed? Chris Evans (gif)


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"And I'm like I'll take the stairs! " - Chris Evans on Captain America

Chris Evans on Captain America @bazax12 Captain America is so under appreciated that he even under appreciates himself.

Bloopers of civil war.. so disappointed they didn't have the bloopers of when sebwas laughing in the move your seat up scene