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Não sei da veracidade dessa informação, mas que é boa, é... Dwayne Johnson Hercules Diet Plan


A modern depiction of Hercules in a movie played by Dwayne Johnson. This offers a more modern look on one of the strongest and toughest Greek heroes. There have been a multitude of movies recreating the story of Hercules, however, this is one of the most recent.

Dwayne Johnson to Play Black Adam in Upcoming Shazam Movie!

For many years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stopped his mark in the entertainment world, and today let literal brand in Hollywood, the Chinese theatre. Description from I searched for this on

Dwayne Johnson in Hercules

Pin for Later: The Sexiest Pictures of Your Summer Movie Crushes Dwayne Johnson in Hercules He may look like a brute, but damn, check out The Rock's abs. As the iconic character, he's stronger and sexier than ever.

Laboring through The Rock's 'Hercules diet'

I'm dying! This is awesomesauce, but this blogger is too full to even EAT the awesomesauce!!!! He attempts to eat The Rock's Hercules diet for just one day. My favorite part? "Dwayne Johnson, Paper, Scissors." Still dying!!!!!!!

Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as the Rock, is pretty much a God among men. Really, if someone had to play Zeus or Hercules, he's your go-to guy. Oh right, he already played Hercules and it was ut...

How The Rock became ''King''

The Scorpion King, Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson | ABS-OLUTELY FABULOUS The Rock is back for Round 2 in ''The Scorpion King''