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2014 Olympics killing stray dogs for the Olympics. No fair . I hate the Olympics.

Thank God...finally, seriously! Travlyn is one of my main ships! Along with Aarmau, only cuz I want Dante garroth and Laurence to MISELF, and I'm NOT good at sharing!

Last night cheek to see if my gf old ig fowling was going up or down funny thing is it SED it was not there and her if was gone I try to fowll her on mucs ly and it say following then it say not then try text her and I'm block funny HURT she sed she don't have then but it this is happing I'm always the one who gets hurt no one cares how I feel no more I have poor of all it but who cares.......

A view of Kerala from AMMA ashram in "Amritapuri". What this video does not portray is the exquisite chants blaring from the "temples" along the river at sunrise, (a good thing). Amma's ashram is not what it used to be; no more Devi Bhava's on Sundays - those were like Heaven on Earth, and much less accomodation than before, the girl students using at least two of the apartment blocks. Don't expect there to be a lot of spiritual disciplines happing.

I'm not looking at the size of the this man's muscles...ok I am but there are just no words for that.....I'm looking at how tiny his head is!!!

Every writer knows the struggle. Sitting your butt down in a chair putting words on the page can come easy but too often its just a drag. Writing is hard no doubt. Considering all the emotional turmoil that comes with being honest to yourself and your readers the nagging self doubt the constant struggle to find words and the brutal truth of reading what you wrote yesterday. All of this is daily business for us writers. It comes with the territory so to speak. But what can be done about it? I…

if we were to go and start bombing Assad and his infrastructure, would that pull the Russians into this fight? Because the Russians use Syria as a buffer to keep the wacky Muslim from running into their country. RUSH: Not only that, it might pull Turkey into it. You know, this new leader in Turkey, this Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a militant Islamist, and Turkey is no longer the "moderate" Islamist ally that we've always known. They have very close ties to Syria and Assad.