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Santas Tools and Toys Workshop: eBooks: How to Care for Betta Fish Like an Expert (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery)

Female betta fish behavior is quite peculiar, and needs to be taken into consideration when keeping these fish in a bowl or aquarium.

Betta Fish Care Sheet For Newbies! #betta #fish #care #sheet

Betta Fish Care Sheet For Newbies

New to the world of betta fish? Or thinking about starting soon? Check our our Betta Fish Care Sheet for Newbies and get started on the right track.

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Let me reiterate; this is a FISH, not a BEET! It is a BETTA (two "t's," pronounced BET-uh) not a BETA (one "t," pronounced BAY-tuh). Beta is the genus name for beets, while Betta is this fish's genus name.

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Which fish can live with bettas

Which fish can live with bettas? Betta fish can be very territorial - they don't get called fighting fish for nothing! But knowing a few simple facts you will be able to have you betta co-existing with other fish peacefully.

There are lots of different types of betta fish and this article covers them in detail including breeds, patterns, colors, tail differentiation and more.

Top 15 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures