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Dragonfruit layer dreamin' Photo by @sobeautifullyreal I love not only sharing my own breakfast adventures around the world, but also your creations! Tag #breakfastcriminals for a chance to be featured, especially if you use recipes from my recipe eBooks from ✌️

marionette-j2x: “My own Poster for “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown” :3 I am so not sorry… >:3 ”

I'm up late, scouring Pinterest for Christmas decor ideas when I came across this photo! 😍 We're currently renting a house here in ABQ, but I cannot wait to someday have a house of our own! I am a big fan of this older colonial style, and I wish this was my house right now because it's perfect!!!!!!! ✨✨✨

"I'm used to being blamed for me own failures! But this time, I'm anxious because my mistakes would reflect on you, too!"

A 1960's flower shop inspired by and named after an actual flower shop that my grandfather owned and operated for many years. It is equipped with with a full interior (1), (2). The delivery truck design is 100% Kosmas Santosa's design. I loved it so much I wanted to have it accompany the flower shop. In reality my grandfather had an old Mercedes, and VW bug for delivery vehicles. See all the photos! ___________________ This build…