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6 Spring Lipsticks I Love. ♥ (The Perks Of Being Sharna)

Guys, it's officially Spring! It's making me so happy to see little hints of warmer weather peeping through, with blue skies, lots of flowers, sunshine and all things pastel. Spring is so exciting, it

I'm going to go cry now, this is too sweet. When he said that in the video it was so precious. Ashton is such a beautiful boy.

10 Gemstones Much Rarer Than Diamond

Ten gemstones that are rarer than diamond. **Alexandrite, poudretteite, grandidierite, yellow diamond

Pyrex Nesting Mixing Bowls Set of 4 Colonial Mist White Lace

24 Little Ways To Update Your Wardrobe For Winter Without Spending Any Money

Winter is in full swing, and for a lot of you, the weeks after the holidays are probably the time where you want to start making some adjustments to your wardrobe. It’s officially too cold to go outside without a few layers, and some of your favorite pieces from summer and fall have been stored away. This is also a time when everyone starts embracing new winter fashion trends, which is exciting, but also very expensive.

Beautiful VTG Baby Blue Fur Jacket

Beautiful VTG Baby Blue Fur Jacket In the 90's, Express had a section for high priced lux items in a flagship test store in Atlanta. Coat is RARE & only a small amount were made. I was in college & this was my first luxury purchase, only worn 3'xs! Its still one of my most precious & loved items but its too small now. 20 yrs old great condition & now officially VINTAGE! Made from beautiful, long REAL Rabbit Fur. So warm & luxurious. #screamqueen Fits 6-10 Best Make Me an Offer Paid $550 in…