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The Goldcrest is the UK's smallest bird. Their thin beak is used to pick insects out from pine needles #RealTweetWeek

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9 of the Most Amazing Apartments in SE DC... - apartmentshowcase

9 of the Most Amazing Apartments in SE DC Everyone wants to live in the nations capitol but for many it can be too expensive. Southeast DC is a great place to live because youll still get the feel of living in DC and downtown is just a short Metro ride away but the price-tag is usually much easier to swallow. Check out our picks for the best apartments in SE DC in no particular order. Parc Riverside Parc Riverside is an extremely high-end apartment complex thats…

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Ultimate Guide to Nature Study

Ultimate Guide to Nature Study Good if your want to know about/ or more about Nature Study & great resources

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Teaching Our Kids to Love the Earth: Inspiring Books by Melissa Stewart

In the past 16 years, accomplished children’s book author, Melissa Stewart, has written over 180 books, each one crafted to inspire kids to get outdoors and engage with nature. Pick up one of her many books, and I guarantee that you will learn something, too. In my recent interview with Stewart, I learned that she …

Red-tailed Hawk. My scariest animal rescue was rescuing a wild red-tail. His tail feathers were to short so he could not fly. I had to capture him with a jacket I had on and drive to a store to but a box for him. Then I waited for the animal rehabilitation center to pick him up.

Organic Farming doesn't have to be complicated. The easier, the better. This organic farm uses vinegar for herbicide when needed. No use for chemicals. Even farms that use chemical pesticides still can have pest problems. Instead make use of flowers to bring in good insects that are good for the farm. City water has chorine and fluoride which are poisons. Using well water is safer, healthier, and just better for... FULL ARTICLE & VIDEOS…

WESTMORELAND STATE PARK, MONTROSS VA Pick up @ Visitor Center Exploration Backpack filled with gear for the great outdoors.You can search for and identify insects using the bug net and magnification container, or hike down Big Meadow Trail to Fossil Beach and use the sand sifter to find fossilized shark teeth.The backpack also includes binoculars & a quick reference bird guide as well as a compass, &other field guides. Backpacks can be signed out at the Visitor Center, open 8a.m. to 430p.m.

Backpack Adventure- Pick up a backpack at the Visitor Services Center. Big Bugs - outdoor art installation featuring 8 enormous insect sculptures created from fallen or found wood, cut saplings, twigs, raw branches, twine, bark and other natural materials Reasonabley priced cafe, or can bring picnic lunch Sculpture Trail.

Overwintering Pest Control DIY Tips

Butterfly identifier (choose wing type, color, etc., and different types will appear)