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mestudyblr: 11.04.15 Germany 1900-1945 today at home since the library closes early on the weekends. Also planning the rest of the week in my new bullet journal (thanks you-are-not-in-wonderlandd)

Meticulous handwriting and detailed, precise illustration characterizes this study notebook. Readable and summarized, with illustrations? We're fans. #notebook #notes #sketchnote

interesting use of bullet journal technique for study notes.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Coffee, a journal, the internet...perfect.

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birdsnestdesk: 09.27.15 // started bullet... - Studying For My Life

wordsandblacktea: mestudyblr: 06.04.15 Bank Holiday Monday has ruined all my plans for the library and the gym so I’m sticking it out at home, trying to finish off Mao, once and for all! I hope. your handwriting is amazing