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A meandering creek inside Yellowstone National Park. I loved the creek’s loops in the verdant valley with stormy skies above.

Bison Army | Photograph by Panos Laskarakis | A herd of bison make their way through Yellowstone National Park during a -30 celsus winter. Celebrate the beauty and majesty of Yellowstone and submit your best photos to the #Yellowstone hashtag on Your Shot. #Yellowstone #bison #snow #yourshot #natgeo #wildlifephotography #wilderness #montana #nationalparks #cold #winter #bisons by natgeoyourshot

Lucas took this photo at Yellowstone National Park. It shows the cool design left behind on a log from bugs eating paths under the bark. It was raining at the time so that left a nice glistening look.

Nearing sunset on our last day at Yellowstone National Park last July. We were leaving the park, heading toward Cody, Wyoming, and this was the view back across beautiful Yellowstone Lake toward the mountains. Yellowstone truly is a national treasure.

This was our drive from Bozeman, Montana, to the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. We had just passed through a pretty serious thunderstorm on the drive and as we neared the park we had this incredible view of the storm dissipating and sunlight dappling the valley between the mountains. I love how everyone has a different experience in travel. No one else has this same picture of this spot because weather and seasons are ever changing.

The beautiful ranch we stayed at near Belfry, Montana, on our trip to Yellowstone National Park. It really had a western ranch feel.

I really wish I knew what this place was. We passed it several times driving between Cody, Wyoming, and the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. This building was up on a hill, overlooking the highway. It’s so strange, yet so cool and unusual. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me!