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#WorldRefugeeDay: Recognizing the plight of the world's refugees

Organizations, communities and leaders from around the world are recognizing Monday, June 20, as World Refugee Day. #WorldRefugeeDay

NASA’s Juno mission has reached a distance of 5.3 astronomical units from the sun (an astronomical unit is equal to the average distance between Earth and the sun – about 149.6 million kilometers). Using only power from the sun, Juno will complete the five-year trip to Jupiter in July 2016 and begin studying the solar system’s most massive world in an attempt to better understand the origins of the planet, and in turn, our solar system.


Finally, a smart approach to helping L.A.'s homeless

Finally, a smart approach to helping L.A.'s homeless (via LA Times) (16 January 2016) Highlights a new collaboration between city, county, and nonprofit agencies to reach out to people who are homeless in skid row to work toward meeting all their various needs.

Goose That Laid The Golden Egg. The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, illustrated by Milo Winter in a 1919 edition. To kill the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs is an idiom used of an unprofitable action motivated by greed. It refers to one of Aesop's Fables, numbered 87 in the Perry Index. Avianus and Caxton tell different stories of a goose that lays a golden egg, where other versions have a hen, [1] as in Townsend: "A cottager and his wife had a Hen that laid a golden egg every day. They…

from Nerdy Book Club

Celebrating the Wonder of Wonder by Sherry Gick

choose kind-Amazing "Wonder" program put together by Sherry Gick-via Nerdy Book Club. Amazing idea for an outreach project at the schools

Describa sus tristezas y sus anhelos, sus pensamientos fugaces y su fe en algo bello; y dígalo todo con íntima, callada y humilde sinceridad. Valiéndose, para expresarse, de las cosas que lo rodean. De las imágenes que pueblan sus sueños. Y de todo cuanto vive en el recuerdo... Rainer Maria Rilke (Poeta Checo)

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