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Goku vs Frieza. Drawn by me! Son Goku (Kakarot)! Hope you enjoy!

"Battle for the hope of the universe!" Drawn by: Son Goku (Kakarot)! Hope you enjoy!

Kaioken Attack! Done in colored pencil. Drawn by me! Son Goku (Kakarot)! Hope you enjoy!

DRAGON BALL DISCUSSION WITH SON GOKU (KAKAROT): I would genuinely adore the idea of DBGT being its own universe. Although I'm of the minority I did like bits and pieces to GT. I liked Super Saiyan 4, the concept of the Tuffle known as Baby, and I liked GT Goten's design (personality wasn't what I'd hoped, but still). But, anyway...GT was kinda like that fun fanfiction that you stumble upon online when browsing the web. Even though the author was kinda missing some of the facts that would…

Goku vs Frieza / Vegeta vs Frieza. Guess what? While everyone is excited because this movie SHOULD BE a complete reversal of roles from the Frieza Saga, we're all about to be disappointed because apparently Vegeta is NOT going to get his shining moment! Cry away, fans!

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