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How to Grow Succulents in a Greenhouse

Prepare the Soil - flamingo-head gasteria (Gasteria x hybrida) Before dividing and repotting succulents, mix together equal amounts of perlite and sand with half as much manure, then combine them with an equal amount of potting soil.

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Growing Succulents As Houseplants

I need to remember the formula for succulent soil: 3 parts potting soil to 2 parts sand, and about 1/2 part perlite.

no instructions, but it looks like three different sized pots filled partially with soil and then stacked with plants in the exposed soil

repotting Succulent Plants: MIX coffee & sand with dirt! it makes them happy! :)



(potted succulents on rustic ladder)

Succulents - Gasteria marmorata Gasteria hail from South Africa. Like other gasteria they need light shade to full sun. Water moderately in summer and keep dry in winter

Display option for alfresco area. Potted succulent garden