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Creating a home office that is functional enough for telecommuting while still fitting in with the rest of your home design can be tricky. Whether you are going to set up your office yourself or hire a professional to do the job, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

How to Create a Crafting Space in Your Home

Your crafts are serious business, and they require a serious space. It doesn’t matter whether you make jewelry or create cards, practice quilting or woodworking, sew or paint. The secret is to arrange your space and keep it organized. Use this guide to set up an efficient and lovely crafting area that will foster both creativity and production.

Matching Your Addition to the Original? Overrated

When it comes to additions, the best design and build professionals will tell you that this type of thinking can limit you, and the potential of your home.

Get the Best Driveway on the Block

Reconsider the standard blacktop driveway in favor of a block driveway, which is made up of blocks or bricks. Upgrading to block will make your home stand out from the rest, provide you with a beautiful and functional driveway and add value to your home.

Space Saving Design Ideas Your Kitchen Needs

Here are four easy space saving kitchen design ideas that will maximize your potential storage and work areas, while still allowing for an attractive kitchen design.

How to Design a Home Gym

It is easier to stay fit when you have your own exercise equipment right there in your home. You can visit the gym any time you like, when it is most convenient, and you don’t have to worry about bad weather, travel time or holidays. A home gym is an investment in you.

Inspired Treehouse Designs

Treehouses can welcome you with peace, tranquilty and a connection with nature. Explore the following inspiring tree house designs.

The Ease and Beauty of Open Concept Showers

Does your bathroom ever feel cramped, or does your shower feel too closed off? Do you ever get sick of dealing with unsightly glass doors or bulky plastic curtains when you go for your morning shower? Then consider designing your bathroom with an open shower!