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Aphasia: impairment of language usually caused by damage to the left hemisphere Broca's area: language expression control Wernickes area: language reception control Plasticity: brains ability to change by reorganizing after damage or building new pathways due to experience

Well, I'm just interested in Korean. I'm pretty good at English and languages in general (though I hate Swedish BUT I HAVE TO STUDY IT BECAUSE FINLAND IS A BULLSHIT COUNTRY) So yup. That's why I want to study Korean. If it was only for the sake of videos without subtitles, I'd be dead before I know how to introduce myself. You need to like and be interested in the language to actually study it or otherwise it's just not going to lead you anywhere. (trust me. I barely can say "hello" in…

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See the World with Santa Map Skills Activity

See the World with Santa Map Skills Activity Lead students on an international adventure with Santa Claus as he makes his way around the globe. Students will use a map to identify 15 world cities by latitude and longitude as well the countries hemispheres and continents in which they belong. In addition students are asked to research some additional information about the country such as climate during Christmas currency and what Santa might say in that country's national language…

If you don't like America, you don't have to come and change all their qualities just so you're comfortable. Stay in your own country if you don't like theirs.