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Milky Way Over Monument Valley | James Brandon

Down and Dirty Guide to Milky Way Photography

In the film Life of Pi there is an incredible scene where Pi, lying on the life boat under the stars asks Richard Parker (the Bengal Tiger) what he sees, what he is looking at. This image not only captures the night sky that reflects upon the ocean, but the journey Pi experiences through Richard Parker's eyes.

Australia - Milky Way over the Southern Ocean that is beautiful! Photo by John White - Getty Image. All rights reserved

Taken last year, a heavy glow from a distant boat which could easily be mistaken for the sun, acts as a spotlight for our galaxy to help emphasise the many colours in milky way core.

Night Sky — Isle of Wight Milky Way - Night Sky and Landscape Photography by Chad Powell

Maffei 2 (also known as UGCA 39) is a, heavily obscured, intermediate barred spiral galaxy of about 15,000 light-years across, located near the Galactic Plane, some 9.8 million light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia, far behind — but seemingly next to — the Heart Nebula (IC 1805). It is a member of the IC 342/Maffei Group, the group of galaxies that is the closest to the Local Group. It is...  Read the full story here…

Maffei 2 is the poster child for an infrared galaxy that is almost invisible to optical telescopes. But this infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope penetrates the dust to reveal the galaxy in all its glory.

Sony A7 w/ Minolta 28mm f/2.8   f/? 1/60th   ISO 100

Old Timers: Using 1980s Minolta Lenses on a Modern Sony Digital Camera

Old Timers: Using Minolta Lenses on a Modern Sony Digital Camera

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Starry night sky and the Milky Way over the Thor's Hammer hoodoo, in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Camera aimed towards northeastern sky. Note The Great Andromeda Galaxy and the Double Cluster.