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I won a gift basket like this once at a work party. There was a bunch of chocolate in it like this one. I'm glad I went to the company party because if I didn't, I wouldn't have won the gift basket. I hope I can win another one at the next company party.

Storage units are all so big. We have some stuff we want to self-storage somewhere, but we don't want to pay for all of that extra space that we don't need. A mini storage unit would be better.

Roll Off Dumpsters

I would love to have blinds that are controlled by a remote. All you need is a track like this installed and a small motor to draw back the curtains. That way I won't have to get up to close the blinds when I watch TV at night. My TV creates a huge glare on the windows if the blinds aren't shut.

It's amazing to see what an affect labeling can have on the value of a product. I think that the packages here look really nice. I wonder if these are also bio organic labels as well.

Grill like the Caped Crusader from DC Comics with this machine washable Batman Cooks Apron with Pocket. Designed for adults, this apron is one size fits all, made from 100% cotton, features a neck loop, and ties at the waist. To make things super conveni

the fax machine in my office hasn't been working recently. There are a number of really important documents that need to be faxed to my clients before the end of the week. I hope that I can find a new fax machine within the next couple of days.

You would be surprised how many copies I make at the restaurant! I thought that I would be exempt from that office duty because I work with food, but that's not the case. The little copier we bought when we were just setting up is adorable, and it's chugging along, but I can tell it's about to peter out. I think it's time we upgrade to a properly heavy-duty copier like this one.

I need to get some scaffolding for my house like this. My home is very old and the roof was built at an angle where people can't walk on it. The shingles on my roof need to be replaced soon so I need some scaffolding to get the job done. Does anyone know where I can get some scaffolding like this?

This gutter looks a lot better that the one on my house. The one on my house easily bends and such. This one, however looks like it doesn't bend which is nice. My gutters actually need to be replaced. Maybe I'll replace it with a gutter like this one.