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Prepare for winter by Matti Vinni on 500px

Wow OMG! Amazing Photography by @marlondutoit #Wildgeography

The clever hedgehog picks up fruit on its spines, so it can bring food to its family. From the 'Bestiare d'Amour': "So it is protected by being armed on all sides, just like some people who cannot be approached from any side".

Bruce Lee-murs

Lemurs by Paul Van Hoof, Bruce Lee! #Lemurs #Paul_Van_Hoof #thesun_co_uk

Reindeer Caribou. Cute until the felt on it's antlers begins to shed, which have blood vessels in them. Then it's terrifying.

I love the siberian cat, they are beautiful. I really want to meet one to see if their hypothetical hypoallergenic properties are true for me.

I'll bring out some leftovers later....sshhhh

Nice photo of two rams. The lower ram is most likely the younger and less dominant ram. He is "horning" on the other ram to show submission.