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Greg and Sophie must be proud

This would be too funny, Stormageddon as Sherlock!<--Hate to bring a truth bomb, but Alfie is the oldest child, and Mycroft is older than Sherlock. So maybe Alfie is Mycroft.

I was so conflicted about which board to put this on...my Harry Potter one or the Doctor Who one :(

The Doctor and Draco Malfoy on a plane. That epic moment when two of your fav fandoms unite. Doctor Who + Harry Potter !


Oh whoops reposted guess he is going to kidnap me now

How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers. Not sure if it's real as I don't read the comic books. But still fun to think about it! <----- if I worked at Marvel that would be me: sneaking characters from other fandoms into the background

This is an example of Current Play. It portrays my Joker and Story Teller, Play Personalities. I love being funny and am way too excited about the things I enjoy. I am Whovian through and through. This is also Past Play, in that, I began watching this show way back with the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. I love it to this day and can become lost in the episodes and adventures. It also represents my Kinesthete and Explorer, in this show, we visit many universes. This will continue as Future Play as…

Me. When Doctor Who is about to start.I'm fairly positive I make this face even when I watch the reruns.

Tennant being Tennant

Holy Tardis of Gallifrey! It's totally David Tennant! // I'm not even a Whovian, but I love him and I can just imagine him being all 'Yes, friends, it is I'

Superwho - demon doctor

34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real - It is horrible how my brain started whispering story ideas over Rose in SHIELD or the Boys having to exorcise the Doctor.

"I think this may be our Wholock right here." This is perfect. Well done everyone.

How Do It on

((Let's just combine these shows into one, so that we can have WhoLock. And also, the Sherlock hiatus can FINALLY end.))>> Actually there is one difference it's that in Doctor Who there running from danger while in Sherlock There running to danger.

I don't even like dr. Who, but I hate Twilight. They balance each other out

Okay do Twilight fans know how to write in an entirely different language? Didn't think so. Does Twilight have a fez and a bow tie? Does Twilight have the hair? Lord no