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Svirče – Kokošora: peace, love and the good old rock’n’roll! Besides the terrible war Croatia was struck by another adversity in the 90s. The popular CRO DANCE was dominating the Croatian music scene so we witnessed many one hit ‘’singers’’. It must have been a miracle that Hvar at the time listened mostly to Bob Marley and reggae music in general. ... http://www.otok-hvar.com/en/news/svirce-kokosora-peace-love-and-the-good-old-rock-n-roll-552

Neither President Trump nor his surrogates have provided evidence that any substantial illegal voting had occurred or influenced the popular vote. Here's a closer look into voter fraud and the controversies around this issue.

A large section of the 100ft cliffs in Bournemouth collapsed overnight, damaging the popular cliff railway. It's believed heavy rain and a sudden drop in temperature could have triggered the cliff fall.

Female Artists CEOs Founders & Leads in the Blockchain Industry Tatiana Moroz is the first singer-songwriter and activist of women in the Bitcoin community. Following the publication of several products independently vinyl records EPs and singles the cast of the third EP Tatiana to be fully funded in the fall with crypto-currency. His music brings a fresh look at the popular style of the revolutionary 60 and 70 and is an original blend of alt-country pop rock and blues. Tatiana is also…

Previewed in concept form at last year's New York Auto Show, the 2012 Kia Red Rock Special Edition has now become the seventh in a series of limited production models based on the automaker's extremely popular compact crossover line. Kia execs say..

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