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BOYCOTT INAUGURAL COVERAGE JANUARY 20!! <it will drive him nuts; he'll spend his first days in office tweeting like the spoiled brat he is>

The 26% are full of Hate and/or Wealthy enough to pay for Cadillac Health Coverage.

VIDEO : Giuliani Tells Liberals, “Our Constitution Doesn’t Give Anyone in the World a RIGHT to Come Here” – TruthFeed 12/22/16


Meryl - that anti-Trump rant was the worst performance of your career

PIERS MORGAN: Sorry, Meryl but that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career (apart from that time you gave a child rapist a standing ovation) | Daily Mail Online

Repealing Obamacare affects everyone

Coal country afraid Trump will repeal black lung benefits with Obamacare. This! You should have educated yourself before you voted for incompetent trump. It's your duty and it's too late! People are going to die if The ACA is repealed.