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Nursing Health Assessment Mnemonics & Tips

Pain Assessment: “OPQRSTU” Assessment of pain is a crucial part in the role of nurses, and as such utilizing a problem-solving process becomes part of the equation. Nursing Health Assessment Mnemonics & Tips:


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WEBSTA @ superelixir - THE FOUR PILLARS OF HEALTH | “The food you eat is the most important factor that will determine the quality of your long-term health and wellness. To that end, it is vital that your diet consist of real, organic food. The company you keep determines your level of consciousness and is a direct reflection of you. If they're toxic, you're toxic. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Exercise is the other half of the equation when it comes to health and wellness. I prefer…

Newton's Second Law states that there is a direct, proportional relationship between the acceleration of an object, the mass of an object, and the net force acting on an object. The picture of the smart cat refers to the equation we get from this law: F=ma or force=mass x acceleration