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CREATING AND CHARGING SIGILS Before you even begin making and working with Sigils, you need to know what they are and why they work. I will be as direct as possible, keep it simple, since I will be providing further sources on them for further reading and understanding... So what are Sigils anyways? A sigils are a type of symbol or seal (often seen on talismans) that are created for specific magical intent.

"Glugstafir" is used to spå into the future. description of use can be found on my facebook page #sigil #sigils #ægishjálmr #libernull #witchcraft #paganism #heathen #asatru #vikings #stavsigil #magick #spå

Prosperity sigil Sigils are a low-magick technique which will not fail to get you exactly what you need. It can become a high-magick technique but for the moment we'll just stick to the basics. One important thing to note is that sigils always appear to work