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I would love to help, really I would. #catalyst #advocare . 3 in the morning, 3 with afternoon snack, and 3 before bed. take one of those 15mins before a workout with Spark and Arginine Extreme for a awesomely productive workout. just go to my home page and click my workout motivation booster bundle :-)

Love it! No seriously, LOVE it! Rachel Harhigh Independent Advocare distributor advisor #advocare

Enhance your workout... Catalyst helps the body maintain muscle mass during times of weight loss. O2 gold promotes the body's use of oxygen to help you go stronger, longer.

This is my absolute favorite AdvoCare combo! Spark gives me more energy, thermoplus burns fat and an extra 150 calories per serving, and catalyst makes preserves muscle and make me more tone! What more could a girl ask for?!