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Raven vs. Crow. Ravens: A "trickster" in Native American stories and myths, he is sometimes a hero, a troublemaker, a glutton, a buffoon, a destroyer or a creator. The Trickster alternately scandalizes, disgusts, amuses, disrupts, chastises, and humiliates (or is humiliated by) humans. Raven is extremely jealous of any entity that Human Beings hold in high regard

So a crow keeps coming to the window and at times even brings found items as a gift......Can anyone shed light on the message it may be trying to convey ???? I WOULD LOVE ANY HELP WITH THIS !!!

A crow's tail is shaped like a fan, while a raven's is more of a wedge, from:

Raven Power animal totem...watcher, communicator...protector, predator The Watcher by