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Evinizde eski tarzda aksesuarlara yer vermeniz modern görüntüyle nostaljiyi birleştirir ve her iki tarzı da farklı kılar. #design #nostalgia #phone #oldphone #old #homesweethome

The 1904 Mershon Bobbsey Twins. Edward Stratemeyer published The Bobbsey Twins: or, Merry Days Indoors and Out, in 1904, using the psuedonym Laura Lee Hope. Less than a dozen Mershon editions are known to have survived.

“His books were the closest thing he had to furniture and he lived in them the way other men live in easy chairs.” Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken

David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Historian -- his books are incredibly researched.

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