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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus THIS ANIME>>ALL when I discovered that the 3rd season of Kuro was inspired by the Noah's Arc Circus saga from the manga I thought I would had cried....This is my favourite part of the manga, I love the characters and I'm looking forward to watching new episodes ♥

*"I am simply one hell of a butler."* The demon butler, **Sebastian Michaelis**, from ***Black Butler: Book of Circus***, is looking more devilishly dashing than ever in this stunning cast doll by **DOLK**! His butler outfit, designed for the Noah's Ark Circus Arc, is recreated to breathtaking perfection, and he comes complete with an array of **tattoo stickers** - **2 pairs for his nails**,...

Kuroshitsuji ~~ Book of Circus. Very interesting arc. Hope the anime does the manga justice. (I'm quite expectant that it will)

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