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If you were hurting your partner every day without even realizing it, you'd want to know, right? I mean, no one wants to hurt their partners. But if you've ever come home one day to a partner who's mad at you for seemingly no reason, or one who's esp

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What Not To Do in A Relationship

It's sad but thay are out to take everything & use you, people don't believe in love anymore

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How to Make Your Relationship Last

It always takes work.....communication is key! More

30 days of appreciating your man. This should be done all the time.

101 Tips To Improve Your Relationship Right Now. This is FULL of GREAT advice everyone should read

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10 Little Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

10 little things you can do to strengthen your relationship with your significant other. Find how to strengthen your bond doing these simple things.

How to apologize correctly. This is phrased in the context of marriage, but I think these rules of thumb are important for any kind of relationship with another human being. I struggle with a lot of these; it's a harsh, but nice, reminder to be a better person.

How To Get Over Uncertainty In Your Relationship Without Pulling Away

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19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

For having healthy, grown-up relationships: | 19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

36 Questions That Will Help You Fall in Love With Your Spouse Again - so dreamy and romantic!