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Love her or hate her, she is one of the best advocates for women's rights this world has ever known. If you're a conservative Republican, please don't bother commenting on this pin. If you've gotten your info on her from Fox news, definitely don't bother.

from Lost Black Girl Found

Privilege, Yes You Have it

Some of you may believe that gangstalking can safely be ignored, because its not your problem and could not possibly happen to you...! Not true! Some victims were vulnerable people who were randomly chosen to be harassed in order to serve as an example to keep the rest of their neighborhood in line. In short, this could potentially happen to YOU...if you permit gangstalking to continue.

Intersectional feminism is so important for this very reason. You might be the most privileged person and see no need for feminism in modern society. But take into consideration all those that aren't as privileged as you, because you're likely not looking very hard at what they're going through.

from BuzzFeed

14 Reasons We All Need Feminism

And more often than not, the victim is blamed. | 14 Reasons We All Need Feminism

im just shocked and upset and disappointed that enough people in the us supported that piece of shit to vote him as president. yes i'll delete any trump comments i don't give a shit about respecting your opinion because if you support trump then your opinion disrespects human rights and you can eff off