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the SKINnery (soft touch of wonderful)

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How to Get Your First Blog Advertiser

Getting your first blog advertiser can seem like a huge hurtle to overcome. But with these tips you'll be landing new clients in no time.

OPIE - A1100955 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 A volunteer writes: Sweet-as-candy Opie first introduced himself to me by licking my hand gently when I went to open his cage. Affectionate and wiggly at all times, Opie loves people, treats, and wagging his tail like crazy to show just how happy to see you he is! He walks very easily on the leash without pulling, seems to be housetrained, and has the sweetest little permanent puppy face. At 4 years old, Opie is over hi

10 Ways to Go From Blogger To Business Owner (without ads, sponsors, or tons of traffic)

10 Ways to Go From Blogger To Business Owner (without ads, sponsors, or tons of traffic) — FEMTREPRENEUR

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This is so important. When my mom had cancer, the first doctor she went to said no experimental treatments were happening, but she knew that was BS because she'd been in the medical industry. She went to another hospital and they told her about a treatment for the rarely seen esophageal cancer, when she was stage 4 out of 5. The reason Stand Up to Cancer is so important is that it starts making new, easier treatments than exhausting chemotherapy. The fact that they sponsor this organization…

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