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The fact that i've letirally made this face and turned my head just like that in the person's direction is... just wow. Told you I'm secretly a baby.

What innocent jokes? You can rewatch the first season and many things that made you laugh, now make you kinda sad

The 25 Best Sports GIFs In The History Of Sports

I know this isn't Pokemon, but I could not stop laughing. This is literally me, everyday. “Looking Upon Death” | The 25 Best Sports GIFs In The History Of Sports

Tumblr Of The Week: "LOL So True!" Animated GIFs

Yeh we have this weirdo Latin teacher and I did this once in his lesson practically fell asleep it was so boring and the next moment u know everyone's laughing! It's not funny tho!

33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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