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“When you're young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. You could break a bone or a heart. You look before you leap and sometimes you don't leap at all because there's not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there's no safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?” ahuss820 Sex and the City quote

"YOU: Show up for someone every day. Sometimes they notice sometimes they don't. But I know how hard you're working. I see it. I will always reward effort over fluff talk. I see your heart when they're looking at your clothes your breasts your ass or your website and thinking you've got it together in every area. I see it all. I have called you 'Ephraim' like Joseph's son because I get to decide that you'll be blessed in the land of your affliction. No one else gets to make that call but me…

So a little heart to heart😔 Have you guys ever tried really hard to do something but no matter how much effort you put in, it just seems impossible? That was me today🙄 Makes me think about the little quotes saying 'just let it go' or 'it's not meant to be'. But in the back of my head all I can think about is that what is meant for me is mine. And I will take it. So tomorrow is a new day. If you're feeling discouraged like me today, just remember to keep going! The sun always rises! 💕🙏🏻

because books. always books. {i heart makers}

I never want to go a day without seeing your face, making you laugh, talk, and listen to you.. I have never met another person I was so sure I was meant to be with... every aspect of your attitude, personality, being.. it feels so natural to me.. you upset, you pissed, you sad.. I accept any challenge and want to be with you for it and help you get out of it... I could never be irritated with you.. truly mad at you... Every time I think about you my heart lightens up my face loses years, and…

I try to be as honest about what I see and to speak rather than be silent, especially if it means I can save lives, or serve humanity. -Sandra Cisneros

I could feed you with a pretty quote now but I won't... Everyone has bad and good days and some last a day some longer... I have no quote to describe exactly how I feel. Because nobody is the same. We all deal with life situations differently... After days of sun I've reached days I feel I lost hope in people feelings relationships. I started to doubt myself in my ability to judge character. I know I failed. I got hurt. I'm only a human and make mistakes I hit lows as everyone else. I still…

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