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#107 7 Things to Avoid When Fighting with Your Spouse (Podcast

On today’s podcast, Susan and I are going to be talking about a topic that affects each and every one of us. Many couples we’ve talked to through the years, especially newlyweds, assume that arguing in marriage is bad, counterproductive, and to be avoided at all costs. In reality, conflict is unavoidable, and how a couple fights during their arguments is actually more important than if a couple fights. We want to discuss some “sucker punches” you must stop throwing when fighting with your…

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Let yourself be found out. Take the critisicm especially from someone who is close to you. That's the only real way to know God. That's His depth and yes you have to go there to truly know Him.

Sometimes life gives you a role model who isn't perfect. And even though that person has passed.. You are still able to hold their morals and life lessons and to that I say; thank you Kurt for teaching me that there's more to life then just living it.