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KELLEY PATRICK MILLS | The Death Of Mrs. Nancy Sangalli Was The Result Of A Beating Administered By Kelly Mills With A Crowbar, A Cooking Pot And His Fists | LWOP | UNOPENED letter from Prison

DANNY PAUL BIBLE | Serial Rapist-Murderer | "A serial killer can't kill three or four people and then just quit." | UNOPENED Letter from Texas Death Row

ERNEST PORTER | Sentenced to Death in Philadelphia County on June 27, 1986 for the 1985 shooting death of Raymond Fiss, a beauty shop owner | UNOPENED Letter from the Row

DOUGLAS DANIEL CLARK | “Sunset Strip Killer” | Letter from DR | UNOPENED – Contents Unknown | Envelope Signed

STEPHEN LYNN HUGUELEY | Killed his mother, "She was sticking her nose in my love life" | Inmate asks to be executed | Death row inmate smuggles in cell phone, gets on dating website | 2 UNOPENED letters from prison

DAVID ALLEN WESTERFIELD | Convicted Child Killer of Danielle van Dam now on Death Row in CA | | Says to cop, “leave your gun here for a few minutes” | UNOPENED PRISON CORRESPONDENCE (2 Letters)

RICHARD DEAN DAVIS | Gets Death Sentence In Videotaped Sex Killing Of Marsha Spicer | “I know I’m a bad person” | 2 UNOPENED letters

SAMUEL RANDOLPH | Convicted of Double-Homicide and Wounding Five Others During a Shooting Spree to Avenge a Brawl in 2001 | Sentenced To Die 17 August 2006 | UNOPENED letter sent 2 days before EX date