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What’s a Taproot and Should it be on Your Shopping List?

Coconut products are everywhere, are they healthy? Should you add to your shopping list?

Watch this video on how to properly open and eat a coconut. These helpful tips make it easy to crack open a coconut. You can drink the coconut water for a tasty beverage and eat the coconut meat for a delicious and healthy snack.

23 Foods That Are Crazy Low In Calories

Foods like shrimp are high in nutrients and low in calories, which will help you stay full and healthy. If you're trying to lose weight, ass these foods to your weekly food shopping list.

Tips and Recipes to Make a Diet-Friendly Dinner

Are you trying to lose weight? Some healthy dinner recipes that you find online are tasty and delicious, but full of calories. Smart dieters cook low-calorie dinners that are satisfying but keep their weight loss plan on track. Use these diet-friendly, healthy recipes, meal preparation ideas, cooking tips and shopping guides to lose weight with healthy, low calorie dinners.

7 'Bad Rap' Foods That Are Actually Healthy for You

Check out our list of diet-friendly foods that break low-carb and low-fat diet norms.

25 Foods That Keep Your Bones Strong

Did you know that figs are good for your bones? Try these healthy fig recipes this week! This list of 25 foods that keep your bones healthy will give you even more ideas for healthy lunches and dinners.

What You Need to Know About Sesame Seeds Before You Eat Another!

How to Make the World's Best Guilt-Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Think there's no place for a gooey grilled cheese sandwich in your life if you're counting calories? Guess again. This recipe makes smart substitutions to lighten up the traditional heavy grilled cheese sandwich.

A light, delicious #recipe that will be on your table in MINUTES (and give you a dose of vitamin C for #VitaminCDay).