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So I'm starting an N64 collection. Picked this up for 15-

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What happens when you rub a balloon on your head? Your hair stands up! Now use that static electricity and turn it into a game. Your kids will have a ton of fun rubbing their hair with a balloon and using the static electricity to collect foam peanuts. There may also be some Einstein-esque hairstyles along the way! Keep your camera handy.

Stylish Ways to Display Collections

Display collections of small items (like dice, matchboxes, or dollhouse miniatures) in a divided case like this printer's tray.

Anti-American Terrorist ~ On The Phone With Russia ~ Overthrow Democracy ~

I know what starter I’m picking… My heart– I hope this is okay ;___; I rly wanted to doodle Popplio’s final evolution when I first saw it… I tried to put any spoiler tags in it that I could think of so it could be filtered out