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I was misdiagnosed as bipolar as a teen. I cycle so rapidly that I always doubted the diagnosis

The Beighton Scale is used to identify Hypermobility. A positive Beighton score does not necessarily mean you have EDS-HT. One point is given for each of the following joints, with a total score of 9 points. Where the joint is bilateral, there is one point for each side.

This might be good for my little (possible) zebra! Glad it can be purchased in the US. My Bendy Body - By Michelle O'Sullivan

How does Hypermobility Syndrome manifest clinically? #JHS #EDS #EDS-HT #HEDS #HMS #jointhypermobilitysyndrome

Jus walking and...where did that wall come from?? oh this explains so much!!! I was always klutzy and nice to know there is a reason! Dawn

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Community Post: Signs You Might Be A Zebra

If you can do a toe touch with no problem, but think stairs are evil... | Signs You Might Be A Zebra

For my son who was just clumsy as a child and the life of the party as a teen, now as an adult is in constant pain due to Hyperrmobile type EDS....

Holy crap- there's a name for it! Have this: Hypermobility Syndrome: “Flying Bird” Sign, Hand