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One of my Mantras!!!

She is untouchable and unattainable, she is the definition of beauty. She is down to earth and never goes with the flow. She doesn't listen to the haters, that makes her a goddess. But still she never stays too far out of reach, she's always there when the swifties need her, and we are always there for her. Even though she may look like she's in a class all her own, she's right there. The fans have an unbreakable bond that we will never loose. She goes above and beyond, and we adore her.

In pictures: The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway, 'Devil Wears Prada'.

You realize life is not fair when you see such beautifully faced people and then such unattractive faces. Then some who have it all but ugly souls and some who have nothing but hearts of gold.

Hey, names Frankie. I'm pretty layed back. I love books and music. I may seem a little boring at first but once you get to know me im really fun. Of couse that is if you actually talk to me. most people don't. My moms Raven(Teen Titans). I have all of her powers, Sill learning how to control them, and I have a bit of a dark side.I can change my eye color and i'm 16. Say hey.

Disney Princess Theme Park Outfit Collection. Personally I would be Merida because its cute and I love Starbucks!

50's Fashion - I can't even! Perfect! Love everything about this, the dress is stunning, and the hat, gloves shoes and pretty little bag all compliment it perfectly <3 Why don't we all dress like this anymore? <3 <3

25 Cute Boho Hairstyles You Also Can Try

wish my hair would do that kind of stuff

favorite fall picks - shoes edition

40 Cute Outfits Ideas For This Cold Winter

LOVE THESE RINGS!! I think all of the TLC girls can agree that turquoise jewelry is AMAZING!!!