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We would decide what we want and then we would work everyday to bring ourselves into vibrational alignment with it. We would talk to our body and we would say, "I'm expecting you to thrive on whatever I give you." I'm expecting you to reach into the ingredients of what I'm eating and participating in, and I'm expecting you to thrive." And you will be amazed at how well your body can do, no matter what you're eating, once you get lined up with the idea of thriving." -Abraham Hicks

ok so tonight I went to chickfila with my bf and best friend. when we were leaving, they called me over and my best friend started kissing my bf. I was really mad and stuff. I found out that they had devised this plan ahead of time to hurt me and tell me that my bf was breaking up with me publicly so I could get embarrassed. im really upset!! if you can respond and give me some advice or message me I would really appreciate it!!!

In today's age where we are constantly sharing what's going on in our lives, it can sometimes give the appearance on the outside that other people have better 'stuff' going on than we do. Better relationships. Better clothes. Better breakfasts. Better dinners. Better babies. Better techniques for applying eyeliner... There is no end to the comparisons we can make when so much is shared. But take note: Life is not competition. No need to compare yourself or your life to what you see on ...

They say you got to stay hungry hey baby I'm just about starving tonight I'm dying for some action I'm sick of sitting 'round here trying to write this book. I need a love reaction come on baby give me just one look You can't start a fire, sittin' 'round cryin' over a broken heart. This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark