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Tara, Maggie & Glenn; Season 5 "Coda" Maggie sees Daryl carry Beth out. Maggie has now lost her entire family.

Did Maggie Die In Walking Dead? Is Maggie dead on The Walking Dead!? Should viewers be worried about Glenn Rhee's wife? The fourth episode of season 7 "Service" will be discussed in this article. If you're not caught up be prepared for spoilers. Father Gabriel has broken the Internet. Negan asks to see Maggie and Rick doesn't want to answer. Rick doesn't want to discuss Maggie's current situation because he wants her to remain safe. Father Gabriel comes from behind to ask Negan if he's…

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'The Walking Dead': Lauren Cohan on Maggie's Big Moment

The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan on Maggie's big moment |

See What Would Happen In The Next Episode Of The Walking Dead Season 7 Last episode of AMCs The Walking Dead took us back to the Hilltop colony to check in on Maggie and Sasha who are actually doing pretty good considering what they were put through in the season premiere a few weeks ago.Next weeks installment is titled Swear and it looks like itll be an all-rounder when it comesto catching up with the rest of the main characters. The promo above shows Negan addressing his men Morgan at…


'The Walking Dead' Postmortem: Ross Marquand Talks Aaron's Guilt, Maggie's Big Reveal, and Hope for Glenn

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the “Now” episode of The Walking Dead. He’s responsible for bringing Rick and his group into Alexandria, but…

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'The Walking Dead': Glenn and Maggie lock lips in hot photo and GIF

My hubby took me to see The Walking Dead Live on Valentine's Day!! This is Maggie, Merle (on the floor), Greg Nicotero and Andrea on stage.

#whowillsurvive #twd premiere of season 7 was intense but its only the beginning