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Tara, Maggie & Glenn; Season 5 "Coda" Maggie sees Daryl carry Beth out. Maggie has now lost her entire family.

Which he's gonna try! He's gonna try to take Judith! He is! You wait and see! And Rick's not gonna let it happen. Ha!

cohan-gillies-addicted: “ “ Maggie and Glenn 5x08 - “Coda” #RipBeth ” Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC. To see all the Episode Stills in HQ visit our gallery. ”

The Walking Dead season 5. CODA - Maggie Didn't ask about Beth the whole time she was missing but her reaction to seeing her sister dead was still devastating

Oh my gosh, I didn't even think about this! He's gonna be so happy when he sees her again, and realizes this isn't true :'(